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Featuring a new innovative application for the design of progressive dies, a task known to be complex and time-consuming and requiring many iterations to complete, ProgressivePower helps die makers to produce quality designs in record time, from strip layout to complete die set assemblies, enabling companies producing progressive dies faster and errorfree.
The easy-to-use interface helps for creating complete strip layouts, choosing the correct die-set element and building up complete progressive dieset assemblies quick and easy.


 General Functionality
  • Analysis and unfolding of a 3D Model
  • Automatic strip layout definition
  • Creation and simulation of operations like bends, stamps and punches
  • Comprehensive library of standard parts and progressive-die specific components
  • Automatic creation of die modules and diesets
  • Simulation of the complete process
  • BOM Generation and connection to CAM and PDM Systems
  • Automatic generation of 2D drawings of the die set and holecharts



  Modular Structure
  • Strip design
  • Die design
  • Standard Parts
Innovative Functionality
  • Own script language for building up the dieplates
  • Object oriented action elements
  • Counter features and counter plates
  • Dynamic Features Library


  Available Languages
  • English
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Russian
      Technical support of ProgressivePower is absolutely free
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